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Ya Mule Adventure Racing

Thanks for taking time to visit our site!   Whether you're here to learn more about adventure racing, or here to find more people to adventure race with, we think you've arrived at a great resource.  

  • 2015 and beyond...  
  • We will not be hosting any events in 2015.  
    At this time, indications are that the circumstances that prevented us from hosting races in 2014 will continue through 2015.   If you enjoy having a race the first weekend of May the way we did with MASH, we encourage you to check out Elkbones Adventure Racing. If you enjoy having a race the first weekend of November the way we did with MAFF, we encourage you to check out MBM Sporting Events. If you're looking for events at other times of the year, please check out the organizations listed on our About A/R page.  

    What's next for us?   Although it might be easy to assume Ya Mule is done with Adventure Racing, we have not come to that conclusion.   If we see demand after 2015, we can bring things back to life very quickly and resume the type of top quality races that we've become known for.   We will keep this site alive and well for at least another year if 50 people contact us by the end of February 2015.   If not, for the time being, we just assume save the expense and let the site reach its cyber-demise in a few months.  

    In the meantime, we encourage you to browse Events History from previous years and enjoy race recaps and images.   Many fond memories out there!   It appears Google/Picasa has changed enough so that some of our images links no longer work as intended.   If you run into that problem, try these links to get to images from various events:
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    Adventure on!

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